We have a database and image library of over 3,000 Australian and international artists – working across a diverse
range of mediums including steel, fabric, light, glass and new technologies.

We do not represent individual artists, rather our focus is on finding the right artist for the project. Part of our capacity is
a readiness to work with new artists and to respond to client and community expectations to employ local artists.

Our passion for public art has inspired us to manage and mentor emerging and gallery based artists, in turn supporting the growth of this unique creative sector.

Below are some of the artists we work with – it’s updated regularly so please visit again.

  • Wolfgang Buttress (UK)
    Wolfgang Buttress is an award winning international artist who creates simple, elegant and contextual public artworks which seek to define and celebrate a sense of place.
  • Jade Oakley (AUS)
    Jade Oakley is a Sydney based artist who has been developing her craft for the past 12 years, mastering the mechanics and compositional perfection of Alexander Calder, the great 20th Century artist and inventor of the mobile.
  • Lucy Barker (AUS)
    Lucy Barker is a contemporary Sydney artist. Her professional background is in design and advertising with international training in traditional oil painting and a design degree in visual communications.
  • Michael Purdy (AUS)
    Michael Purdy creates artworks using the material he grew up with – Sydney sandstone. His remarkable stone carving technique is unsurpassed in Australia
  • Andy Scott (UK)
    Andy Scott is a Scottish figurative sculptor, working in galvanised steel, fibre glass and cast bronze. He is based in Glasgow and produces public artworks for clients internationally.
  • Warren Langley (AUS)
    Warren Langley has almost 30 years experience in public artworks. These works have increasingly used light as a principle material.
  • Aseem Pereira (BR)
    Born in Brazil in 1960, Aseem Pereira graduated at the Sydney College of the Arts with a first class honours degree in 1999. His influences come from far and wide – From his parents he inherited the appreciation of textiles and the enthusiasm to explore new uncharted roads.
  • Wendy Mills (AUS)
    Wendy Mills’s early work of light-filled installations was exhibited in major sculpture exhibitions and state galleries and established her national reputation. The artwork addressed her interest in the perception of space and in the concept of multiple realities.
  • Andreas Buisman (AUSTRIA)
    Buisman collects basalt and granite rocks and transforms them into artworks. His work is in private and public collections around the world and in 2006 he was commissioned to create a memorial for the late Fred Hollows
  • Matthew Harding (AUS)
    Matthew Harding is an innovative Australian artist/designer engaged in a diverse practice of sculpture, public art and design.
  • Melissa Hirsch (AUS)
    Melissa Hirsch came to art as an environmentalist. The reoccurring focus of her work is nature – art in nature, about nature, with nature.